Bus Travel Tips

by - 5:00:00 PM

Before purchasing a ticket, look into all potential options for the best deal. Student, Senior Citizen, and Children can normally ride at discounts.
Policy regarding baggage is severe, so it is to your advantage to make sure that the amount , size and weight of your luggage are within limits to avoid hold up or lost. Carry on bags should fit in the overhead rack. When transferring buses, you are responsible for claiming your baggage when you leave one bus, keeping it with you and checking it.

When choosing a seat, keep in mind for your own comfort. In my experience, I like to get up and down a lot so I always choose an isle seat to evade bothering any passengers that might sit next to me. But if you don't like to get up and down a lot, you might prefer to choose window seat to avoid being bothered.

Remember when boarding that seat are still on first come first serve basis.

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