How to earn with Nuffnang?

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Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific first and leading blog advertising community. They have 4 countries offices: Philippines. Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. 

How to start earning with Nuffnang?

Start earning with Nuffnang is very easy . I am going to show how easy to setup Nuffnang ads on your blog/website and start earning.
  1. First off, sign up to Nuffnang and fill in the form completely.
  2. Once you have done signing up. You can go to the Blog Manager to add your blog/multiple blogs.

     3. To add a blog, fill up the Add a Blog Form and click " Add New Blog" button.

     4. Once you've done adding a blog, you will then be directed to a Blogger Survey form.

     5. Once you submit the form, your blog/website will automatically be added to the list.

     6. You can start adding Nuffnang ad unit to your blog/website . Just click on the Ads icon.

     7.  All yo have to do is select which Nuffnang ad units you wanted to put on your blog/website and simply copy and paste the html code to a specific locations on a web page as illustrated below.

You can choose among three (3) types of Nuffnang ads units:
  • Large Rectangle
  • Skyscraper
  • Leaderboard
    8. You can then monitor your earnings by clicking on the Earnings icon on your Nuffnang account page.

I hope you join now if you're not yet  a Nuffnanger.

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