Things to put in your backpack when traveling

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Choosing what to put in your backpack can be torturous situation. However, what you take with you depends on where and when you are going , and what you plan to do while are there. There are certain items which should always be on your list things to take whatever your destination like passport, tickets and currency.

These are things you should have with you on backpacking trip:

  • Additional Money - In case of emergency you have something left in order to get out of harm's way. 
  • First Aid Kit - A first Aid Kit while traveling can save your day. It's mostly to treat inconveniences and slight injuries fast and effective.
  • Extra Food and Water - Especially on long trips we should have always some extra food and water.
  • Something To Entertain - While traveling you will wait for transport , sometimes we just want to have a break  or something that helps to relax. I stick to mobile phone and Mp3s.
  • A Flashlight - You never know quite where you are going to end up, and it is unlikely that there will be street lights everywhere you go.
  • Sunglasses - Be sure to take good pair of shades with you to protect your eyes.  
  • Sleeping Bag - Depending on where you are going you are likely to need something to cover yourself while sleeping. 
  •  Aside from the above mention here are some useful things to keep in mind when preparing your backpack:
      • Clothes
      • Camera
      • Towel
      • Map
      • Hygiene Set ( Tooth-brusher,  Toothpaste, Soap, Razor)
      • Tissue
      • Fork , Plate,  Spoon , Plastic bag                  

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