Hagimit Falls in Samal Island

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If you wish to stay away from the pressures of the city's life, then Hagimit Falls is the best set to unwind with friends and family.

Hagimit Falls consisted of small falls, scattered wide over a large forested area, with tiny likely pool and flowing waters all around. It is a sanctuary for nature lovers and picnickers a great place to take refreshing waterfalls. The area is named so because of the abundance of Hagimit trees nearby.
Hagimit Falls is a high-quality place for picnics since it has the facilities. It was quiet when we where there but I could just imagine the place during holiday or a weekend.

How to go to Hagimit Falls
From the port pier of Samal Island, we hired motorcycle (habal-habal) to take us on a tour. The falls is about two kilometers from Penaplata. Or, you could take a motorcycle from any point in Samal Island and ask the driver to bring you to this place.

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