Monfort Bat Colony in Samal Island, a Guiness World Record Holder

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First destination, we went to Island Garden City of Samal with Cj and Leah. We visited the Morfort Bat Colony. It has the largest colony of Geoffrey's Rousette Fruit Bats (Rousetteus Amplexicaudatus) in the world and Guiness World Records certified. The Bat Conservation International in 2006 estimates the population in the Monfort cave to be around 1.8 million bats.

Cave walls blanketed with bats

From the entrance of the sanctuary, there are at least 5 openings where you can easily see the bats covering the walls of the caves.

Few of the cave ceilings have fallen down hence one can see easily visibly the guano covered the floor as well as the walls. It was such an awe-inspiring sight and smell too! (Sucks! I was supposedly quits by the time we reached the 3rd opening hahahhaha)

If you are looking for an added pleasure, go there at around 5:00 PM and witness how they fly out of the caves to get their food. With a million bat flying in the sky, it's absolutely an awesome experience.

How to get there
The bat cave is just a few minutes ride from Babak Pier . You can rent a motorcycle (habal-habal) like we did to take you to the cave.

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