Tips to help you save and make the most of your trip

by - 9:23:00 PM

Leaving for the holidays? Here are some tips to help you save and make the most of your trip.

- Timing. Off-peak season fares will likely cost you less, and you will avoid all the tourist traffic. Check some travel agencies have good deals.

- Make your own itinerary. Planning always helps. Remember to be flexible and open to surprises. Set aside for a cash for each day and do not go over this amount.

- Choose to fly. It can be cheaper and less time than driving. Search online those airlines company for their latest promotions and fares.

- Take advantage coupons. Whether it is for lodging or foods-coupons SAVE money!

- Make your own reservations. Many hotel offer special  and additional discounts for booking online. If you will be out most of the day, a room with air conditioning , a bed and bathroom will do. 

- Bring along individual refillable water bottles. These can be refilled at the hotel and fast food chains.

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