Staycations vs Cheap Holidays Abroad Infographic-Thomas Cook

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Should I staycation  or should I go? I'm a traveler so I know if a certain deal is reasonable or not. When I stumble upon this Thomas Cook Ads, I said to myself wow, it's a pretty good deal plus the fact that it's a package so I don't have to go through all the hassle of booking for hotel and airlines, don't need to worry about the activities to do once we get to the location because it's all serve in a plate by Thomas Cook in a very reasonable price.

Staycations vs Cheap Holidays Abroad Infographic - Thomas Cook
 I've  always been loyal to my airline because of the miles but this package from Thomas Cook is pretty much worth a try, not a bad for a shift of airlines once in a while when you all you need to do is book and they will cook your vacation for you. So, let's explore the wonderful world. Provided by Thomas Cook.

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