Day 1: Baguio City Tour -Burnham Park , Mines View Park, Wright Park & The Mansion House

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Burnham Park
I'm so blessed to have a fair weather when I arrived in Baguio City that morning despite the rains that shower of Northern Luzon. I started off my Baguio trip at the famous Burnham Park.
Burnham Park is located at the heart of the city and it is one of several parks that can be found in Baguio City but among them, Burnham Park is the most popular. The park was named after the American Architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham who laids the plans for the city.
Mines View Park
It's one of the must-visits no matter how often you've been to Baguio City.
Tourists also have a chance to get dressed in full Cordillera regalia--bahag, shield and spear for the men, tapis for the ladies, vests and headdresses for both.
The park also sells different products like delicacies, pastries, souvenirs from shirts to giveaways, wide ranges of botanical plants.
The Mansion House
The Mansion, which is one of the attractions when visiting in Baguio City.
It is situated on the eastern part of the city along C.P. Romulo Drive and right across from Wright Park.The Mansion was built in 1908 as the official summer residence for US Governors-Generals who were the American Administrators for the Philippines.
Fyi, bawal pumasok sa mansion, hanggang gate lang talaga

Wright Park
Wright Park, situated at the eastern part of the city and fronting the main gate of the Mansion, is one of the many scenic parks in Baguio City.
It's main features are a shallow elongated rectangular body of water known as the " Pool of Pines" and the park circle which is one end of the park.
You will find it funny when you see albino horses with pink colored hair polls, some with a superman logo or yellow flowers over their ears.
Riding a pony is a favorite among children as well as adults. This park was name after the former Governor-General to the Philippines Luke Edward Wright who was in command during the early 1900s he was later transferred to Japan then became the secretary of war in the USA.
The place is frequently congested with people during sunny weekends and on holidays. With an accompanying guide, there are some ponies that may be hired and taken farther out.

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