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Coming out victorious is what everybody aims for. Then again, there will always be winners and losers in any competition. Not winning though is just a matter of how one views it. One may not come out first in the game, but the loss can be considered an opportunity for improvement. This is what matters most in any game. One engages in it not just to succeed but to fail as well, acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. While some may say that a lifetime is not enough to learn from our mistakes, we can also consider the failures of others and learn from them. Anyway, these are just some thoughts to ponder on the concept of winning and losing. I'm sharing with you three websites that will make you come out a winner in the game of financial savings.


Traveling by air is still the most preferred when one considers safety and time factors. Nowadays, there are budget airlines and ticket-booking websites, making air travel more affordable. The result, however, is tough competition among low-cost carriers that some of them had been obliged to permanently get out of business, while others limit their promos within their own sites and selected partners instead of the usual online price-comparison web portals. This make searching for the best airfare deals a challenge, considering the time and effort has to expend in visiting many different airline and flight sites.
A systematic and comprehensive meta search engine, this is where comes in . It goes over 700+ airline websites and hundreds of ticket-booking and flights sites to get the cheapest and best airline deals, making them accessible to the public within a single portal. This greatly reduces the effort and time needed to decide on the best deal or promo for a trip. If it makes any difference, it's worth noting that these discounted offers are usually only available when purchased directly from an airline's official site.


With many websites being constructed every minute and a huge number of TLDs (top-level domains) being registered , deciding on a domain can be tough. If you take time to look around, you'll notice that the web is saturated with common and popular website domains in and .net categories. Branding agencies acknowledge this and thus continues to be in business. For small businesses or individuals just needing to have their own web addresses, these agencies cost way too much.
An online naming service called comes up with solution-domain and names that are catchy and unique but relevant and can easily be remembered. also works on slogans to match the names. Founded in 2007, this online service employs the power of crowdsourcing, and the site has over 50,000 registered contributors. Each client deposits $50 for a name or domain while a slogan can cost him  $75. The client then specifies his naming guidelines,and if he's not pleased with any of the suggestions, the deposit is returned, making this service risk-free.


Businesses need teamwork, effective communication and productive to succeed. Most companies know this, and therefore, advance tools such as CRM and intranet system are implemented, empowering employees and resulting in satisfied clients and happy management. Unfortunately, these technologically-advanced tools are financially draining, and for small business owners, this a big disadvantage. is a corporate intranet solution that enables transparent communications and collaboration through a host of combined features-free and totally functional CRM structure, free employee management, free calendar and events planning, free sharing of files and activity stream, to name just a few. Since the service is cloud-based, it is accessible anywhere-via a browser or a smartphone-and requires no installation. This makes your workstation virtually on-the-go and not limited within an office building. For small businesses, the service is free up to 12 employees and can be upgraded at $99 monthly to accommodate an unlimited quality of users.

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