Thai Bagoong Pasta at The Old Spagetti House

by - 12:38:00 AM

Last payday, I and my friends decided to eat dinner together at The Old Spagetti House somewhere in Makati City which is one of my office mate Janice favorite restaurants. She said sobrang masarap daw eh basta sa amin naman ni Ace at Ria basta hindi panis go kami lol. The Old Spagetti House specializes in pasta, plus they have a wide variety to choose from. They have pastas in specialty sauce, white sauce, red sauce, plus other unique pasta dishes.Thai Bagoong Pasta at The Old Spagetti HouseThe Thai Bagoong Pasta suits our taste, sobrang napakasarap wooooooohhhh.... which has a descent serving fettuccine pasta with garlic bread. It had a bagoong, green mango and chicharon on it. It was a tasty dish , with only a hint of bagoong on it. I really enjoyed it. My friends love the serving and value of money of this establishment and I'm glad we ended up here.

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