Top 5 Clothing Tips -What To Pack

by - 10:23:00 PM

If you're planning your next trip, you will probably want to know what to pack. After all, who doesn't want to have plenty of room in their suitcase so they can bring back lots of gifts and souvenirs? Here are five tips that will help you keep your packing simple and organize on your next trip.

1. Coordinate your clothes around one or two basic colors. This cuts down on the number of shoes and accessories you have to bring.

2. Take a few clothes as possible. One person suggested one week's worth of clothes. I take fewer unless they are my washable silks.

3. Plastic rain coat can double as a bathrobe or windbreaker.

4. Take older clothes that can be unnecessary along the way . There are travelers who take nothing but old clothes so they have that much more room for bringing souvenirs home.

5. Jeans - I never take them as they take so long to dry. If both the time and money for laundering are concerns , take lighter weight pants.

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