Predict Wind

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Predict Wind is a full service wind forecasts company that provides the most accurate wind speed and direction forecast in the world. There are many weather products out there that claim to give accurate wind forecasting, but nothing can compare to their forecasting process. PredictWind uses data from two high resolution weather data sources and compiles them into an accurate forecast. In addition, as a customer you have access to over 15,000 live wind observation reports. Access to this type of real-time data and forecasting is critical for any type of sailing or yachting activity. While having an inaccurate forecast can make for a bad day on the waters.

PredictWind customer bases included some of the most famous yacht racing teams and sailing crews. Peter Isler, two-time America's Cup Winner, rely on PredictWind to help him during preparation of racing events. Andrew Cape, a well-respected navigator, uses PredictWind exclusively, because of its incredible accuracy and reliability.

PredictWind also creates some of their own unique products with the customer in mind. We have a weather routing program that will determine the fastest or smoothest route for you boat to take. This ability will save you precious time and money; in addition, provide peace of mind that you have a solid product at your disposal. In conjunction with the weather routing program, we have a state-of-the-art trip planner that will provide you wind forecasts for your trip. It will also provide you suggestions on the best route to take.

Do not take a chance on relying on sub-standard wind forecasts from other companies. Let the professionals at Perfect Wind help you plan your next sailing trip and keep you safe in the open waters.

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