All Aboard The Brilliance Of The Seas

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With a name like the Brilliance Of The Seas, you would not be expecting an understated vessel to appear into view if you were awaiting the arrival of what is one of Royal Caribbean's most impressive ships. The Brilliance is essentially what most of us would imagine if we pictured an amazing and ready-for-action cruise ship and she has been delivering thousands of top-notch holiday experiences now for some time. 

As with many a cruise ship, the aim aboard the Brilliance is to strike just the right balance between activity and relaxation. Having one without the opportunity to enjoy the other would somehow not be quite right and Royal Caribbean is a master of managing that equation perfectly. So from crazy golf on deck, to basketball and climbing walls and even self-righting sea-worthy pool tables, the Brilliance has an abundance of pastimes for you take up if you take a trip on-board. But equally, there are more relaxed environments, where adults can indulge themselves in some well-deserved rest and a fair bit of old-fashioned pampering. 

Other key elements of an exceptionally high standard cruise holiday are well in evidence on the Brilliance as well, with theatre shows taking on-board entertainments to new heights and the range of food options available seeming to become ever-more varied with every season. With so much going on around the ships itself in fact, the main danger will be that you'll forget to take in the sights out to sea, which will be for the most part nothing short of breath-taking. 

Of course, Royal Caribbean isn't the only player in what is a highly competitive cruise industry and P&O cruises has been one of the UK's most popular tour providers for decades and with good reason. Its best deals are always worth looking into. 

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