An island vacation is one of the best dream vacations

by - 12:17:00 AM

An island vacation is one of the best dream vacations for many people including me. I’m imagining waking up early in the morning to catch the sunrise and witness the magical changing of hues in the sky before diving into the cool and pristine waters.  Then, an afternoon walk by the beach would be a perfect idea while waiting for the sun to set in the west. The thing is some local islands are already too crowded and are not anymore suitable for this relaxing get-away plan so maybe it’s about time that I should think of going on an Asian or Caribbean island hopping experience. 

There is no problem with booking for international flights  because there are many flight carriers that can take you anywhere but the problem lies on how much international airfares cost nowadays. Could I ever afford it? From the looks of it, this plan is actually very possible because some companies are offering cheap flights like whole year round. I guess all I need by now is to save more to make this plan happen next year. 

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