Best Travel Apps for the Globe Trotter

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Those of you, who are constantly on the go from one place to another, and your days are spent by living out of your suitcase, iPhone travel apps are just a blessing in disguise. The advent of travel apps has been the best innovation to have occurred to the mankind and is making the travelling really easy for the travelers. Your favorite iPhone has some really cool apps, which have been specially designed for people like you, who are frequently flying from one place to another. The ease with which you can use these apps from just anywhere and anytime, make these a powerful tool for using while you are busy travelling the length and breadth of this globe.

Some useful travel apps for frequent travelers:

Here is a list of some coolest apps that will help you when you are busy flying from one place to another.
• GateGuru:  This is a very suitable app for those of you who have just come out of a meeting and need to catch a flight. With having no time spare in your hand, this app eases your security check, and other requirements, by giving all the real time information about your flight. This app will tell you, which gate you will have to go for boarding, and the timing of the security check. If an airport is new to you, then you will get all the information regarding the washrooms, eateries, ATMs, etc. in the airport. This will help you to save time to search for such places.
• My TSA: This app is a must have, as will keep you informed about any changes in the rules of travelling in your carrier. This app also keeps you updated about the timings of the security check, and if there is any delay in your flight.
• TripIt: This is a very useful app for the frequent fliers, who want to keep all the travel details like your hotel booking, meeting, flight timing, etc. in your mobile. You can simply forward all the travel details in, and all your information will be stored for you.
• Hipmunk:  This app is a good one, if you look for some cheap yet comfortable flights. They have an advanced filter search, known as the “agony filter”, which will help you find a flight according to the search option that you have entered. 
• Airport Car Rental: This app will help you in making reservations for cars, if you need to use one. They have different categories to choose from ranging from SUVs to luxury cars.     
• BestParking: This is a good app if you are travelling in the US, and require a space to park your car, which is not only cheap, but also convenient. The latest version also offers mobile coupons to the app user.
• Evernote: This app gives you all the storage space that you require in your cloud storage, to store the documents, images, voice recordings, etc. and even a complete web page. This is a helpful app, while travelling frequently.
• Award Wallet: Helps in keeping a track of all the flyer points that you have accumulated, and also keeps a tab on which points are soon going to expire.

This post is written by Sachin, a full time writer and a blogger. He loves to write on travel and tech related topics. He has also written much for various respectful brands such as Travelling with mobile phones has become a trend these days. So, if you have the option of using your phone for making your tour easy, why to neglect it? Use these amazing travel apps in your iPhone and make your trip easy and comfortable.

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