Galapagos Cruise Ship

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There are trips aboard ocean liners to interesting locations, but there is only one place so unique and so beautiful that it provides the ultimate cruise of a lifetime. Located off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Archipelago encompass 13 breathtaking islands and pristine waters that are home to the world's most unusual ecosystem. The best way to get there is sailing on the world-class Galapagos Explorer II; this is the kind of luxury cruise adventure that dreams are made of.

Sailing on the Galapagos Cruise Ship is an opportunity to meet the islands' giant tortoises and tour the Charles Darwin Research Center. Bird lovers will marvel at the color of the native penguins and the flight of majestic frigate birds. Sea turtles and sea lions dance with snorkeling visitors, and the climate always welcomes slow walks along the beach. The professional staff onboard the Galapagos Explorer II ensures every guest a perfect vacation experience whether exploring the natural paradise or relaxing onboard.

Guest amenities start with luxury cabins featuring everything from wireless Internet service to marbled bathrooms. Beautiful dining rooms feature ever-changing menus of international cuisine, and the piano bar is perfect for capping off a lovely evening. A never-ending expanse of sun decks invites guests to relax and enjoy the island vista, and star-gazing is a favorite excuse to stay out all night. Combining the finest in luxury travel with the pristine beauty of a natural paradise makes cruising on the Galapagos Explorer II a truly unique experience.

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