Gorgeous Greece

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In some ways, budget holidays have had their reputation marred over the last few years by companies that have hidden charges, or who have entered financial difficulties and left customers stranded abroad. You only have to scour the watchdog websites to find problems with the accommodation and horror stories about building works. But with legislation's tightening, we are left with some very good travel agents which are able to offer excellent holidays at very good prices.

Depending on where you want to travel will determine how much your package will cost. For instance a cheap Greece holiday in a self-catering apartment will come in much lower than a luxury villa in the south of France. But that same Greek holiday could also cost less than a caravan park in the UK. It depends very much on your family preferences of course but personally I would prefer the sunshine!

Greece is a great country to holiday in, with its lovely white-washed villas dotted around the hillsides and the warm sun warming your bones, everywhere seems to have a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly welcoming vibe to it.

Another great getaway is Santorini. Although this is typically a more expensive destination than the other Greek islands, the travel agents are competing for your business at the moment and you’ll often find low-cost Santorini holidays if you keep a look out. It’s a stunning island with rocky cliffs, white washed buildings that glint in the sun and traditional blue-domed churches. Santorini is a quieter island than the likes of Crete, which although it has many traditional and relaxed villages, is more of a tourist hotspot.

Santorini has its designer outlets in the capital of Thira along with wineries and many other tourist destinations dotted throughout the island. Its distinct landscape and fashionable nightlife lend it to a more sophisticated feel than many other European retreats.

So, wherever you choose within Greece, there are resorts to suit virtually every taste and budget imaginable. Which will you choose?

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