5 Reasons to meet new people and try dating online in Toronto

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Staring stoically across Lake Ontario towards the American border, the Canadian city of Toronto has been greatly influenced by both nations. Over the years, settlers have added to this bubbling cauldron of cultures; European, Asian and Latin American immigrants all now call Toronto home.

Despite the varied population and open-minded way of life, the largest city in Canada can be a pretty lonely place if you've traveled there alone. When setting up and starting afresh in a new country, it’s vital to explore every avenue – metaphorically speaking – to increase your social network. Here are five reasons why Toronto is the perfect place to do just that.

Get the most out of online dating websites

Online dating sites introduce you to people with similar interests to you. Utilize this network of like-minded individuals and connect with new friends. Keeping an open mind will help you get the most out of the experience; you never know, you might even find true love in Toronto. Visit www.eharmony.ca to get started.

You’ll be grateful you installed the Internet in your new home when winter comes around. Toronto is wickedly cold; snow and ice-cold winds lash the urban streets from the lake. Throughout January, temperatures rarely rise above zero. Pop the heating and snuggle up in a blanket while you do all your socializing online. 

For romantic meals or just good eating, Toronto has plenty of fine fare on offer to suit all tastes. Thanks to the different nationalities of the population, coming out of the Canadian kitchens are dishes from recipe books all around the world. Walk round the neighborhoods and you’ll find Texan steakhouses, authentic Cajun cooking and oriental delights. There are over 7000 eating establishments; discover one that’s perfect for intimate dining. 

Toronto’s social calendar is jam-packed full of festivals. From highbrow art and cinematic affairs, to more unusual events like the Toronto Clown Festival, there’s plenty to fire up your imagination. Let’s not forget annual religious celebrations around Christmas and Easter. Use online dating to find a catholic date within 30 miles of home to share the festivities with.

Niagara Falls
Across the lake is one of the most spectacular sights of the natural world. Niagara Falls is an epic demonstration of the power of nature – and one that you have to witness while in Toronto. Up close to the event horizon, the air is thick with moisture as the waters of the lake plummet over the edge. A popular destination for honeymooners and day-trippers alike, the waterfall is an ideal place for spectacular first dates or popping the question. 

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