Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend

by - 4:20:00 AM

We all do wish to have a beautiful and unforgettable Christmas yet sometimes we forgot that we overspent this holiday. This photo shows that most of us overspent in food, alcohol, trips, gifts for our loved ones, duty free, travel & transport, holiday memorabilia, clothes, and accessories. This season is the perfect time to relax and give ourselves a treat. If you have no idea what are the best states to travel to on Christmas holidays, here's the list: Las Vegas, New York, Colorado & Florida. These states are also the most active travelling states on Christmas holiday.  37% of Americans admits that when they are in a vacation, they give a  little thought on how much they are spending and 63% of them take payday loans. We will only celebrate this Christmas holiday once every year so plan ahead, make a checklist and control ourselves when shopping to avoid overspending. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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