Top 3 Restaurant districts in Calgary

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The Canadian city is famous for its excellent restaurants, and in fact, hungry diners will be able to take their pick from more than 2,000 excellent eateries. When travelling to Calgary use your Starwood Preferred Guest card and earn star points to use on flights and hotels. The most popular restaurants in Calgary tend to be focused around three main districts, and visitors who want to get the most out of their dining experience will need to make sure that they don’t forget their credit card.

This vibrant district offers authentic cuisine from all over the globe and is a popular hangout for adventurous diners. One of the most popular places to try sometime new is the Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant, which serves classic Ethiopian cuisine with a twist. The coffee shops that can be found here are also excellent and often serve light bites along with freshly brewed coffee, while ordering a freshly made filled baguette and something sweet at one of the old-fashioned bakeries is a real treat. 

The oldest region of Calgary is a great place to sample traditional dishes such as deer steaks with locally grown vegetables. Some of the best eateries in this part of the city tend to be located in quirky pubs and bars such as the Kane’s Harley Diner and the traditional Hose and Hound Pub. As in many Canadian eateries the portions here tend to be large and extremely filling, while diners can be sure that they will receive a warm welcome from the restaurant owners.

Fourth Street
This vibrant dining district can be found nestled between 17th street and the gently flowing Elbow River. Both sides of this long and colourfully decorated street are jammed packed with restaurants that serve both traditional cuisine and culinary treats from all over the globe. This is the perfect place to be if you fancy trying something a little bit different such as a charmingly dubbed ‘stinking steak’, which is a steak laced with liberal amounts of garlic. Another popular menu item at Fourth Street is the ostrich burger, which comes with a wide range of different toppings. Many of the restaurants located along Fourth Street offer outdoor seating, which is ideal for visitors who want to soak up the unique atmosphere of this section of the city. 

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