5 Best Fresh Food Markets In Thailand For The Foodies

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Fresh food markets are growing in popularity with tourists on holiday in Thailand. Foodies love the fresh food markets, and they can maintain their good health when travelling. The markets are easily accessible and affordable in Thailand and should be on every traveller’s itinerary. These five fresh food markets can help to maintain your health and well-being while on holiday:

1. Or Tor Kor

Or Tor Kor is ranked fourth in terms of the best fresh food market in Thailand. This market is known for its gorgeous fruits and vegetables and also fresh meats and seafood. This market is coveted by famous chef with Gordon Ramsey. Visitors of this market can take photographs or actually shop for fruits, vegetables or meats. Even fresh flowers can be purchased from this market. Many foodies love to stroll around this market and capture images that can be used for inspiration later.
Other common snacks include grilled coconut pancakes or kanom krok and kaom bueng or coconut crepes. Fresh herbs and spices are commonly chosen from this market.

2. Khlong Toey

Khlong Toey is a fresh market in Bangkok’s metropolitan area with fresh seafood and produce. The prices are reasonable and the fresh food offering is extensive. Numerous Thai curries are also sold at this fresh food market.

3. Suan Plu Market

Suan Plu Market is an indoor market located in central Suan Plu. The locals purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and other meats at this market. There is a place to pick up flowers if they are needed for the dinner. Since the market is centrally located, city dwellers enjoy shopping at this market. Fresh noodles are also offered in this location.

4. Saphan Mai

Saphan Mai is recommended for fresh meats and vegetables, but it is located a significant distance from the Skytrain. The area around Saphan Mai is congested, but the area is more manageable than other areas in Bangkok. If visitors are searching for authentic Thailand flavor, Saphan Mai will not fail to deliver. Experts recommend travelling to this market after the afternoon rush has passed.

5. Minburi Market

Saphan Mai is known for delivering fresh foods with “true market flavor.” The market spans two city blocks. Because of its popularity, it is more congested than some of the other markets. The market requires a walk from Skytrain, but the inconvenience is worth the effort.

The Best Fresh Food Markets in Thailand Await Visitors

The importance of fresh food is recognized by everyone in Thailand. Visitors can maintain good health and nutrition as they vacation throughout the area. Even people with strict diets can find the foods they need to maintain good health and nutrition. Make these fresh food markets a part of your next Thailand holidays .

Written by Sasha O’Shea
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