Bali’s Top Surfing Hotspots

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The island of Bali lies Java and Lombok, and it one of the most famous Indonesian provinces. With a population nearing 4 million, most of Indonesia’s Hindu minority call Bali home. Over 90 per cent of the island’s inhabitants follow Hinduism, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands. 
Renowned for its highly developed modern dance movement, Bali’s tourists benefit from traditional arts and historical culture. From painting to music, sculptures to metalworking, Bali has seen a huge surge in tourist revenue in recent years. 

Home to several large species of mammal until the early 20th century, Bali suffers from a conflict between nature and poaching. Much of the island has also been affected by erosion, and up to 7 metres of land is lost every year. Still, Bali remains as a top surfing hotspot, and surfers from all over the globe descend on this spectacular island for its famous waves. Here are some of Bali’s top surfing hotspots.

Kuta Beach: Beginner to Intermediate.

Kuta beach is one of the best places to start your surfing career, whether you’re just looking to have fun or you’re taking the profession seriously! Not only is the beach close to the nightlife of Legian, but it’s also a very appropriate place for beginners to learn. With the soft tide and small-average high of the waves, Kuta beach provides everything you need to get on your surfing feet. Kuta beach is also home to a number of surfing companies, so if you’re in need of some help then you won’t have to look far! 

Keramas Beach: Intermediate to Expert

Located just past Sanur, this is one of the most secret and beautiful beaches that Bali has to offer. Not only does it offer excellent surf and amazing views, but it’s also famous for its stunning coral reefs. If you’re an intermediate to expert surfer, then Keramas beach is the place for you. Promising constant and heavy waves, there are numerous surfing competitions held here every year. 

As long as you get into the sea early, around 6am in some cases, then you’ll benefit from perfect conditions practice your skills. Wait any later however and the onshore wind my affect the barrel. You’ll also want to be careful with some parts of the shore, as there are small portions of sharp reef and stinging urchins!

Uluwatu Beach: Intermediate to Expert

If you’re looking for surf a little harder, then Uluwatu beach should be next on your list. Mysterious yet adventurous, this beach is surrounded by a number of historical landmarks such as caves and dense forest. No matter what time of day, surfers will always benefit from a decent amount of swell at Uluwatu beach, however it’s only recommended for intermediate to expert surfers – beginners beware! Keep a lookout for cheap flights to Bali in order to take advantage of this wonderful island. 

There are also a number of risks associated with Uluwatu beach, including shallow water, high waves, sharp reefs and lots of other surfers. Make sure to stay aware of the other people around you when in the water, and you’ll be have fun in no time! 

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