Bargain Hunting at Mall of Dhahran - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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One thing I love in Saudi Arabia is when the big stores go on sale.  The only chance I get to visit the malls is when I am to go for days off or a day before my flight going home to Philippines whilst coming from my remote area assignment.
Mall of Dhahran
Last Thursday, my colleagues and I went to Mall of Dhahran. The region’s leading shopping mall is the one stop haven that offers the latest, most innovative and widest range of global brands with its extensive range and perfect blend of retail, restaurants and entertainment.

Almost all the stores were on sale the day we were there, offering up to 70% off on some items.  Armed with a few riyals (haha!) I started my “bargain hunting” . Finally after two hours I had good finds of shirt from Topman and boxer brief from Calvin Klein. There were a number of security guards that I noticed roaming around so we were not able to take more photos and we don’t want to risk ourselves ending up in Saudi jail for snapping a picture hahaha!!!
Topman bound vee neck t-shirt
Then my legs got achy from standing (and walking) so we decided to have coffee we almost went to Costa Coffee where we have not visited yet, we ended up where else but in Starbucks.
with Haron and Rex
I've ordered for a nice caramel macchiato and blueberry muffin, the muffin very soft texture that dissolve in your mouth, yummy! :). I bought Starbucks tumbler too taaaarannnn!

Despite of  some security guards were roaming around we were still able to took some photos hahahahaha pasaway talaga! 
 We stayed there for about fours hours before we went home. I'm sure we will back here next week, rather next payday. :)

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