What Happens during our sleep according to Avengers

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Ever since the Avengers trailer was released, I knew it was going to be an awesome movie. It’s one of the best movies ever to be released and it came out with a SMASH! All the characters play significant roles and make the movie perfect with hilarious and action packed scenes.

Avengers and sleeping problems

An interesting facet of heroic life is that they have a hard time sleeping soundly. Yup, none of them can fully enjoy the comforts of scientifically advanced tempurpedic bed. While we all lie in our beds relaxed and feeling protected, they sleep with responsibilities and villains in their heads.  Clint gets dreams about what he had done when influenced by Loki, Natasha gets nightmares from her past, Steve has nightmares about what he experienced during the war and Dr. Bruce Banner mostly dreams about smashing everything and losing control. Captain America usually relives the moment he crashed into the arctic while Thor gets nightmares about his ruined relationship with his brother Loki. As a result, it's common to have the Avengers wandering in the middle of the night either looking for destruction or disturbing people.

They tried to sleep after the movie plot

From the scenes in the movie after The Avengers save the world from Loki and Chitauri, Tony, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Thor and Natasha all gather and settle down in one of Stark Tower's many rooms. When sleeping time comes, Nick Fury checks over them as they lie down for the night and just wants them to go to sleep.  After a few minutes, Nick Fury suddenly sees Bruce walking out of his room from the corner of his eye. Bruce wants Nick to read him a bedtime story. He had already been read ten stories earlier but wants more stories. Fury takes him to his own king size bed, tucks him in and promises to read him one more story if he agrees to go back to sleep.  As fury walks out of his room after successfully putting Bruce back to sleep, he finds Natasha in the hallway yawning and whining loudly. Natasha claims that she is thirsty and Fury tells her to shut up so that she doesn't wake Bruce up. He then takes her to his room and tucks her in with Bruce so that she falls asleep.

More sleeping issues

Nick then sits on the couch to get some rest but then he hears a shout "HULK SMASH!" He runs back to his room and finds Natasha hiding while Hulk runs around the room. This gets him mad but he is finally able to calm down Hulk and leaves him and Natasha to go to sleep. As he is going back to the couch, he does not even make it to sit down before he hears a loud yawn from nowhere. It is Steve in the hall asking to go to the bathroom. Nick tries to keep himself from getting mad, takes him and tucks him in his bed with together with Natasha and Bruce so that he goes to sleep.  Barely five minutes after getting some peace and quiet, Fury sees Clint was walking down the hall. Fuming with anger, he tucks Clint in bed as he has done with the others. Just when he thinks it over, he goes back to the sitting room, leans back in the couch then suddenly feels something pocking him on the stomach. All anger comes rushing back to him when he looks down and sees Tony pocking him and sticking out his tongue. He drags him to the room and tucks him in together with the other four. Thor then starts asking Nick countless ridiculous questions this gets him angrier because he doesn't shut up. Nick takes duct tape, wraps it around Thor's mouth, drags him into room and throws him on the bed. Another few minutes later, he hears Tony and Thor chasing each other down the hall.

Lead Sleep by Example

Nick sits in the kitchen and puts his head in his hands. None of the Avengers are sleeping and the ones on the bed are arguing about sharing the blanket. Nick gives up and stands in hallway staring at them. Tired, he lies down in Tony's bed to get some rest. He can still hear them running in the house and a couple of dishes and vases being broken but he has had enough and doesn't even care.  After sleeping, the others finally cooled down and slept, only to be awoken by the next villain attack after just a few minutes!

What Happens during our sleep according to Avengers

It takes a while for the avengers to sleep - they remain awake so we can sleep soundly. After their heroic antics, they have to deal with many nightmares, and wish that they can be freed from the sleep disorders they suffer from . So, if you have been wondering what happens during our sleep according to avengers, well, now you have your answer!

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