5 Things to do Before Taking a Road Trip

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Going on a road trip is really exciting whether you are traveling with family members or friends. It's a different type of holiday than the ones you are used to, and everyone is certain to have fun. Before going out onto the road, what do you need to do in preparation?

Have a Maintenance Visit

One of the worst ways to start off a road trip is with car trouble. Before you leave, bring the car to your local mechanic. Ask for a thorough check to ensure everything is running in proper shape. It's best to do this about two weeks or so before the road trip, so there's time to fix anything that isn't running quite properly.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Certainly, you do not want to think about having an emergency on your holiday, but it could happen. At least you will be prepared if it does. You should have enough water and dried snacks to last everyone for a couple of days in case you are stranded; very warm blankets are a necessity as well. A first-aid kit is wise in the event that someone is injured, and you need to handle the individual's care immediately.

Charging Your Cell Phones

When the car breaks down and you are so far away from any type of civilization, you're going to be in a lot of trouble. Therefore, it's necessary to charge the phones before you leave the house. Yes, you likely do have a car charger. However, if the entire car starts functioning, you're not going to have power to use that charger. You don't need to be on the phone while you're driving anyway, so just let the battery stay while you're driving.

Bringing Necessary Items to the Top

As you are packing the car, consider what items need to be near you. Even if someone is sitting with easy access to the boot, you don't want to be shuffling around in the event of an emergency. Ensure that all of the emergency materials are in an easy to reach place. Furthermore, you should have your cell phone and charger nearby in case an incident happens, and you need to call someone. Whoever is directing you should have maps on his or her person. Maybe you're using a GPS, but these devices can sometimes fail to work.

Leaving Phone Numbers

You're ready to get in the car, but there's one more thing you have to do. Leave emergency contact numbers with the people who are staying home. Be sure to give them a list of the hotels and the phone numbers for those hotels at which you will be staying.
Maybe you didn't realize that going on a road trip required so much preparation! However, as with any holiday, there are steps you need to take before leaving everything at home behind. They are smart preparations to make.

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