Best Destinations in Australia for the Cycling Enthusiasts

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Bicycles and cycling are growing in popularity. Many people take their bikes on Australian trails to exercise, get an adrenaline rush, or to get away from the city. Others might simply like to hang out at the bike shops in Pert and Brisbane for meeting fellow biking enthusiasts. Whatever the reason, Australia has some of the best cycling destinations in the world.

Here are five examples.

1. The Capital City Trail
The Capital City Trail is 39 kilometers and is used for both cyclists and pedestrians. The path circles Melbourne city centre and travels through some of the suburbs of Melbourne. Most people start the trail at Prince's Bridge. The trail forks in both the easterly or westerly direction.
People typically prefer the trail in the westerly direction because either side of the river can be used. Keep in mind that the Capital City Trail is the same as the Main Yarra Trail Up until the cycler reaches Dights Falls, and then, the path merges with Merri Creek Trail and loops around the city.

2. Mawson Trail
The Mawson Trail starts in the Adelaides and continues to Flinder's Ranges. Cyclists who enjoy long-distance off-road riding will love this trail. The trail consists of dirt roads, fire, and farm tracks.
These tracks pass through three of Australia’s wine regions. These regions include Adelaide Hills, Clare Valleys, and Barossa. Along the way, cyclists will view old mining towns, Burra, and Kapunda. The backdrop of Flinders Ranges is stunning along this trail.
Some cyclists combine their cycling experience with climbing. Many cyclists combine exploring Mount Remarkable and Wilpena Pound while cycling the trail. The adventure can continue on to Arkaroola.

3. MundaBiddi Trail
MundaBiddi Trail is recommended for mountain bikers who want an adventure and who love beautiful scenery. The trail is somewhat isolated and difficult to reach. There are some accommodations along the trail and also, places to replenish supplies. The trails have plenty of signs and trails for guidance and is mostly uninhabited, which makes it great for getting away from it all.

4. Cape York
Cape York is recommended for cyclists that want a hilly ride. The trail is primarily on roads with a lot of traffic, but the track is memorable and fun for many cyclists. The track consists of several different tracks including Cape Melville, Telegraph Track, and Frenchman's Track. There are plenty of creeks to cool off in and some great campsites near this trail.

5. Oodnadatta Track
Oodnadatta Track takes cyclists through some of the driest portions of South Australia. The surface is not too rugged if it has not rained recently. The trail is surrounded by expansive country that is breathtaking. Along the track, there is Overland Telegraph Line, Coward Springs, South Lake Eyre, and Old Ghan infrastructure.

The best destinations in Australia for cycling enthusiasts can provide the relaxation or thrill that cyclist’s need. Choose trails according to your ability. The cycling experience will be better when you choose a level that matches your abilities.

Written by Kelly Holmes
Kelly prides herself as an active mum of three boys. She has been a professional triathlete for 5 years.

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