Characteristics of a Successful Travel Incentive Programme

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Simply put, it has been proven countless times and in many different ways that travel is the most successful incentive that one can offer. If you’re looking to create incentives for your staff or customers, then you really should consider the effect that a good travel incentive programme can have. Studies have shown that travel incentives directed towards customers can considerably increase your sales, while travel incentives for your employees can drastically improve their work ethic and commitment. So if you were in a position to offer a travel incentive programme, then it really would be a wise thing to consider.
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Given that travel incentives are proven to be positive additions to your business, we thought we would run through a few characteristics of a successful travel incentive programme:

  • A visible and obvious consideration for the travel incentive recipients
It is no good attempting to provide an incentive for a certain target audience if you don’t know what a good incentive for that precise audience is. In order to ensure that you are providing the best incentive you can, it’s important to garner thoughts and feelings regarding the possible travel incentives to make sure that you are providing an incentive that your employees or customers are interested.

If for example, you are based in an area that gets quite a lot of snow; where people are able to ski freely whenever they want then the incentive of a ski holiday does not quite have the same ne sais quoi that perhaps a trip to Australia or New Zealand might have. People also have different preferences, so it’s sensible to survey your intended recipients to make certain that you’re providing something that is likely to be an incentive.

  • The travel incentive is reliable
Don’t chop and change your travel incentive programs: decide on the best option and stick to it for a decent amount of time. If you do constantly change your travel incentive you are opening yourself up to accusations that you provided a better travel incentive for certain people which could contribute to people labeling you as biased or of exercising favoritism.

  • The travel incentive provides the recipient with a favorable alternative to a cash reward
In a money driven society, it is understandable that many of your intended recipients may prefer to receive cash as opposed to a travel incentive. The important thing to do in order to prevent the suggestion that your incentive is inferior to a cash prize is to ensure that your travel incentive is sufficiently appealing. It’s no good offering your recipients a trip that they would never want to take, as they would obviously prefer to receive cash as a reward.

Remember too that when implementing a travel incentive program, you’re looking to sell the experience, so when marketing the program it is a shrewd move to ensure that it is the experience that is emphasized as opposed to the cost aspect. Many people wouldn't spend the money on a vacation, but if they don’t have the option to have the money, the vacation should be something highly worthwhile.

Travel incentives are a fantastic way to keep your employees and customers motivated, but it is crucial you implement a travel incentive policy in conjunction with research and forethought to ensure that the program is successful and possible and to make certain that you are catering to the needs and wishes of your intended recipients.

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