Finding a Mobility Scooter that Suits Your Travel Style

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Frequent travelers put their mobility scooters to good use. Nobody gets a better return on investment than the mobility scooter owner who actually wears through a pair of tires or a battery (or two), using the warranty for all its worth and booking countless miles of enjoyment along the way. Exploring the world on the right scooter is empowering. The trick is to find a scooter that suits your travel lifestyle down to the last detail.

This quick guide will help you navigate the mobility scooter models available, so that you can narrow your options down to the features that fit your needs best. Your mobility scooter needs to be powerful enough for the toughest demands but versatile enough for your most complicated maneuvers. The hard part is finding the ideal balance between the two.

Start by thinking about your favorite travel destinations and work your way through a few sample itineraries. Think about the locations that you used to dread exploring with a travel scooter and use the following guide to identify features to address the areas of concern.

Primarily Indoors – Maneuverability

Shopping malls, guest bedrooms, cramped conference rooms, crowded conventions… it's difficult to gauge how accessible a location will truly feel until you get there. This is why scooters built with an indoor emphasis often feature such slim construction and tight turning radiuses. Indoor scooters demand pinpoint maneuverability. Look for three wheel models with non-marking tires.

Primarily Outdoors – Power and Stability

Rough urban sidewalks, packed dirt walking trails, dog parks, and fresh air sightseeing points are just a few common outdoor environments that frequent travelers encounter. Uneven ground would damage a lightweight indoor scooter but larger outdoor models can glide right over any obstacles. Outdoor scooters can handle small curbs with ease, and move fast enough to keep up with swift pedestrian crowds. Look for a stable four-wheel model with knobby all terrain tires.

Versatile Scooters for Every Excursion

Are you looking for something that can maneuver through tight indoor spaces but still has the power to overcome rough parking lots and garden paths? You'll feel right at home on an indoor/outdoor hybrid model. Click this link to check out the best source for 3-wheel travel scooters anywhere on the web – compare performance between models to see which ones balance your indoor maneuverability needs with the power and stability desired for outdoor excursions.

Don't forget to invest in a few travel-friendly accessories for your globetrotting scooter. You might want to invest in locking cargo compartments, reliable headlights/taillights, a working horn, and maybe even a scooter alarm. With a new scooter comes new modification capabilities but even if you're just improving an older model you can still find plenty of universal aftermarket options.

Travel is always better when you don't have to worry about which hallways will trap your scooter, or which sidewalks will cause a devastating tumble. A new mobility scooter is always a huge investment but that's why it pays to be so discerning – you are already paying travel costs, so you may as well get to enjoy your destinations to their full potential.

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