Holidays in Sri Lanka

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Known for its diverse landscapes and natural beauty, Sri Lanka is an island that is located off the coast of India. With its gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery, and immense amount of culture, this great island can make anyone have an amazing time while they are visiting. The tourism has increase in Sri Lanka over the last couple years, and the amount of focus the island has put into its tourism efforts are incredible. Good for families with all ages, Sri Lanka will provide a dream-like holiday.

Why Sri Lanka?
As soon as you arrive you will notice the exceptional environment, different culture, and the many different opportunities you will have to try new things. You may want to just sit back and relax on a beach, go to some landmarks to sight see, or go on a nature run to soak up all the beautiful wildlife. If you are just now doing research and are looking to book your holiday in Sri Lanka, check out these offers.

Adventure and Sports
There are a lot of adventure attractions due to the diverse amount of landscapes that Sri Lanka offers. Some popular sports that are offered on the island are surfing, golf, diving, snorkeling, water rafting, scuba diving, canoeing, cycling, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and many others. There are also guided tours that are available that can take you to some amazing spots on the island or you can go hot air ballooning to get an incredible view of the island. Whatever adventure type your heart desires, Sri Lanka will provide an exceptional experience.

Heritage Attractions
Another main aspect of having a holiday in Sri Lanka is its rich history. With a history that has been recorded for more than 2500 years, you can experience some unbelievable attractions. From ancient kingdoms to rock cave temples and fortresses, you will be able to explore it all. There is a total of 8 heritage sites on the island which include the Singharaja forest, golden rock, city of Kandy, Ditch Fort of Galle, city of Polonnaruwa and Anuradapura, Fortress Sigiriya, and temple of Dambulla. Anyone of these attractions can give you a lesson in history and keep you entertained for an extended amount of time.

If you get a chance to take part in one of the many amazing festivals this island has, you will get a better glimpse into their culture and experience some of their traditional cuisine. With many different ethnic groups living within the Island, Sri Lanka has maintained peace within its different religious communities, allowing a great amount of celebrations and festivals happen per year. While some are more widely celebrated than others, they will all provide a great overall experience.

It will be very difficult to try and experience everything this island has to offer in a short holiday. Its best to know exactly what your intend on doing once your there so you don't become overwhelmed with the amount of options that are available.

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