How To Find The Best Cruise For A Frugal Traveller

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Many people confuse being frugal with being stingy. That’s not the case, being frugal is an asset. It’s all about finding the best deal for your money, basically getting bang for your buck. Cruises can be expensive if you aren't willing to put in the time to find yourself a better deal. You can still get everything that you want; just because you are paying less doesn't mean you have to sacrifice anything. For those of us you who are first timers to the cruise world finding great deals can be tricky. The internet has made this so much easier but it can be hard still as there is so much competition in the industry.

The following article addresses some easy tips to keep in my mind when searching for the perfect budget holiday.

Wait, what? I thought we were talking about cruises. Don’t worry, we are.  A lot of the time you will need to travel to your departure port. Therefore, you need to consider airfares earlier rather than later. Don’t overlook them and then have to throw your budget completely out the door by being forced to purchase last minute tickets. You want to have some money to spend on holiday after all. A lot of cruises actually include the flights, you need to work out what will be cheaper and easier.

Travel Insurance
This is something that needs to be considered carefully. Yes, it’s an extra cost but it also provides your investment with some kind of security. It’s usually easier to just get insured by the cruise company this way you know you are definitely covered in an emergency.

 Repositioning Cruises
These are a bargain hunter’s best friend. Twice a year, many lines reposition ships that are in places such as Alaska or Scandinavia during the summer. These ships sail for warmer winter climates, often crossing great distances. Moving these cruise ships cost millions of dollars and therefore there is no way the company wants to move on an empty ship. The prices are amazing and are nothing to be scoffed at.

You should also look into specific cruise lines like New Zealand Cruise deals and Cruise about. They offer great bargains all year round. All you need to do is start searching. Make sure you have a destination in mind, never buy something for the sake of it. If you can’t find a cruise on special that includes your destination, wait. Every destination has a prime cruise season; going outside of this period of time almost guarantees you cheap tickets. Finally there is nothing wrong with bargain hunting, why spend more money on the same experience?

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