Looking to buy/sell second hand goods?

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Philippineslisted.com is a classifieds site for people looking to buy/sell second hand goods in the Philippines. It is the most family friendly and local classifieds in the Philippines. This site enables anyone to buy and sell any goods from any categories such as vehicles, electronics, books, accessories, and a lot more.

Philippineslisted.com was founded in the year 2011 as a local online classified ads website for Singaporian residents to buy and sell products and services within their own residential area. Later, it was developed for the people to have easy and safe way to buy and sell products as well as services within the Philippines. They have complete list of zip codes, cities, and regions so that users can able to access which includes Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

For you to get started, you must go to their easy-to-use placement system then post an ad and make sure to fill up the blanks provided. Several options are given so you can easily enhance your classified ads.

Philippineslisted.com has rules and policies for each user to agree with which include each ad will be reviewed by administration of Philippineslisted.com before publishing and that after publishing your classified ads, it will only be visible for a period of two months.

Always remember before you post an ad, duplicate ads are not allowed, one ad per item only, the ad title must be descriptive, Pure Marketing ads are not allowed, you must delete the old ads before you can insert another ad, and all ads that violate the Philippineslisted.com’s rules and policies will never be published.

For the protection of those people looking to buy/sell second hand goods in the Philippines, you may read Philippineslisted.com’s Safety Center and Safety Guidelines before you buy the products and services you wish to have, and sell the products/services you want to trade.

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