Luxurious Diving At Bonaire

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Bonaire is small resort which is located fifty miles north of Venezuela and it lies in the southern Dutch Caribbean. The Bonaire diving resort is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving and the luxurious beach club is nestled in a large sandy peninsula. Luxurious accommodation can be found at the Harbour village beach club and the premier Caribbean resort has rooms that overlook the marina which is only a step away from the private white sandy beach.

Bonaire is an idyllic place to dive, the area has the most amazing coral reef and the waters are filled with many species of fish that help to create the perfect diving experience. The island experiences all year round warm temperatures, light rainfall and gentle breezes hence it is every divers dream holiday destination.

Instructors at the Bonaire diving resorts offers various diving courses  and these lessons cater for the novice or the more experienced diver.  Those who want to learn to dive can take an induction course; this is a day course that includes a shore dive which may count towards a diving certificate.

The Bonaire diving resort offers many courses where you can gain certificates in scuba diving and open water diving and children over eight years old can also enjoy learning to dive. Naturally divers have to pay fees to take part in the diving courses but exploring the waters in Bonaire is an unforgettable experience. This will surely give the most memorable events to those who will visit Bonaire.

Bonaire diving resorts offer a wide range of packages that include snorkeling on Bonaire, six day packages with unlimited diving, a la carte dives and night boat diving .Experienced divers can take part in professional courses which include dive master courses and assistant instructor courses and diving equipment can be hired from the dive shop which is situated at the Harbour village beach club. 
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