The Most Recognisable Australian Wildlife

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Home to some of the world’s deadliest and most exotic creatures, Australia has become known across the globe for its incredible natural diversity. While there are many amazing creatures to be found in this undeniably diverse country, there are a few that really stand out. If you’re planning to explore this remarkable continent, here are some of the most recognisable Australian wildlife that you might spot on your travels.

Miraculous Mammals

Australia is home to some of the most fascinating mammals in the world, many of which are seen to be icons of this dramatic country. Kangaroos, koalas, platypus, echidnas and possums are just some of the incredibly varied animals that fall into the mammal category, and are definitely some of the most recognisable among Australian wildlife. If you’re touring the Australian landscape, you are bound to see several of these amazing creatures in your travels, so always have a camera handy to capture the moment.

Fearsome Reptiles

When trekking around Australia, it pays to watch out at waterholes before taking a swim. Crocodiles often lurk just under the surface, and can be hard to spot due to their camouflaged skin. Growing up to 3 meters in length with lighting fast reflexes, these distinctive Aussie creatures are definitely best observed from a distance. Another iconic Australian reptile is the Carpet Python. Rarely aggressive, these giant snakes often find their way into local homes and garages in search of warmth and food. Striking patterns on their scales in a range of cream, olive and green make this distinctive reptile easy to recognise.

Colourful Marine Creatures

While diving or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, you are bound to see some of Australia’s most amazing and colourful wildlife. From coral to schools of tropical fish, you will see every colour of the rainbow reflected in this incredible habitat. If you’re after an encounter with some more adrenaline, you can take a trip in the shark cage and come face to face with Australia’s most famous ocean predator, the Great White shark.

Creepy Crawlies

Australia is home to a range of dangerous and deadly spiders. The most recognisable is the Redback, with its distinctive glossy black body and legs, and a splash of crimson on the abdomen. These spiders like dark crevices, so it always pays to be careful where you are putting your hands. When it comes to size, not much beats the humble Huntsman. The giant furry spiders can grow to just under the size of a dinner plate, and though not aggressive, can deliver a painful bite. Make sure you always shake out your shoes before putting them on, to save a scary surprise!

If you’ve decided to take a tour around the incredible Australian landscape, make sure you check out the Lost In Australia website. It has plenty of information for travellers, and is a must-see for those planning an adventure tour. Remember to keep an eye out for some of these incredible Australian animals and insects as you travel around the country!

Ian is a Wildlife Ranger from Australia. He says that Australia has many unique species of wildlife but says that these are the most recognisable for overseas tourists.

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