Top 5 BMX Locations in Australia

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The beautiful lands of Australia are a haven for extreme sport enthusiasts. The rugged terrain of OZ provides BMX riders with numerous bike trails suitable for the greenest of newbies or the most experienced veterans. There are many BMX trail locations to choose from, but below are some of the most famous that are ready for you to go out and shred today.

Tuggerah – Ourimbah Forest Trail

This is an intermediate BMX trail designed for riders with minimal experience. This six-mile single track trail in the state of Ourimbah provides intermediate riders with a fun trail and perfectly placed obstacles. The wonderful scenery includes many streams that run right alongside most of the track. This makes the trail extremely easy to navigate and provides plenty of stopping points for those who want to take things slow. However, there are still enough obstacles and speedy sections for advanced riders to enjoy as well.

Penrith – The Yellowmundi Trail

This exhilarating BMX trail is a favorite for advanced riders who love jumps and challenging downhill terrain. The long 9-miles of single track are filled with tons of fun and challenging natural obstacles for intermediate to advanced riders to enjoy, such as cliff drops, stone jumps, fallen logs, and quick turns. This particular trail doesn’t simply end either. Instead, it is formatted as a loop, so energetic riders can keep going for another run if they choose.

Melbourne – Windsor BMX Bike Trail

Situated in the suburbs of Melbourne, this BMX location is perfect for those desiring a fun-filled day of riding with other local BMX riders. To get to this little-known BMX haven, simply take a train along the Sandringham line to the Windsor station. It is here that your suburban BMX fun begins. Simply take the path leading into the city and you will see the gnarly BMX track to the left. Often, there will be other riders already there, so just keep an eye out for BMX riders. A local BMX convention is held here once a year, which makes it the perfect time of year to come hit some jumps with fellow riders.

Menia- Ansto Mountain

A grueling fifty-mile long single track can be found at Ansto Mountain, offering a fun and challenging workout for physically fit riders. At first it may not sound like much fun, but the Ansto Mountain trail is filled with down hills and rocky terrain suitable for thrill-seeking jumpers. The rigorous up hills can be quite challenging, but the numerous viewing opportunities along the way are magnificent.

The Grind

Fitting of its name, the Grind BMX trail is one of the most difficult in all of Australia. The five-mile long trail is filled with challenging vertical climbs, but the thrill-inducing down hills are well worth the energy exerted on the way up. Challenging rock drops offer advanced riders plenty of opportunities for catching big air.

Billy is a a professional BMX rider from Australia. He says that Australia has some of the best BMX tracks in the world and rates these as his top 5. Billy would recommend BMX riding to anyone and recommends checking out your local bike stores if you are interested in getting started.

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