Top Bikes For Cross Country Cycling

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Cross country cycling is a great pastime for people looking to get in the best shape of their lives. Cycling offers tremendous cardiovascular benefits, which lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Cardiovascular training decreases the risks of heart disease, cancer, obesity, stress, and so many more diseases and illnesses. People who partake in cycling sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. Touring bikes are by far the best choices for people who would like to travel across vast distances on bicycles. They are built with the correct stability, durability, and design to help cyclists effectively maneuver long distance rides.

Nashbar Steel Touring Bike

For the beginning cross country cyclist, you couldn't ask for a better bike than the Nashbar Steel Touring Bike. It has everything you need in order to get started in this great sport. You can transport plenty of cargo with this bike as you make your way across the country landscapes. Durable tires, efficient shifting gears, and professional-grade shocks set this bike apart from others in its class. The comprehensive braking system is a great feature as well in this great cycling bike. You wouldn't regret purchasing this bike for a minute.

Novara Safari

This is the ultimate bike built for heavy roads. You'll no doubt encounter some rough terrains during your cross country cycling adventures. The Novara Safari is built to handle every type of road condition thrown its way. The handle bars feature a special tape that helps to make riding more comfortable and enjoyable. The aluminum rear rack makes easy transportation of equipment possible, and it also clears up space for the brakes to work more effectively. The Novara Safari is an excellent choice for the people who want ultimate performance and style at the same time.

Salsa 2013 Fargo 2

One of the best new bikes to hit the cycling scene this year is the Salsa 2013 Fargo 2. Professional cycling enthusiasts say it's easily one of the most incredible cross country bikes ever created. The reasons for this high praise are plentiful. The fork for the Salsa Fargo stabilizes the bike to travel on the roughest roads without blinking. The BB7 road brakes make your bike travel in the safest way when you need it most, especially on the bottoms of steep declines coming down from mountains. You need a bike as tough as you are when you go on a cross country cycling adventure, and the Salsa 2013 Fargo 2 meets that demand.

Stage One Polka Dot Road Bike

The Stage One Polka Dot Road Bike offers beginners the chance to make their cross country cycling dreams a reality. This lightweight bike is ideal for amateur cyclists because if provides everything you need without the things you don't. The bike has 12 speeds for your biking training, and the alloy frame provides the basic necessities for safe, fun travel on a cross country cycling course. Try this bike if you're new to cross country cycling, and you’ll see the results you seek.

Lisa Maxwell is a cycling enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. She loves long distance, cross country cycling and says that these bikes are among the best you can get. She recommends checking out 99 Bikes for the best prices on bicycles and accessories.

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