Top Springtime Travel in Canada: Sun, snow, sapphire lakes…and the occasional Grizzly

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Few countries rival Canada for natural beauty.  ‘Where to go? What to do?’ we ask ourselves, before settling resignedly behind the office desk once more. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of inspiration to give you the push that you need.
Here are just a few ideas, courtesy of, to inspire you to take the plunge and venture into the great outdoors this spring.

1) Take a trek back through history and visit the country’s oldest Buffalo Jump. To really break with the toils and stresses of normality, join one of the guided hikes that take you through the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, and travel back through time as you visit the atmospheric ‘Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump’, an ancient natural site used by Blackfoot American Indians for hunting bison.

2) Heli-hike over the Bugaboos.Once only the destination of the truly experienced climber, the notoriously scenic Bugaboo range, with its theatrical cragged spires and bleak, snow peaked spires, is now open to even the recreational hiker. Board a helicopter and take to the skies, taking in unique and spectacular views, before descending to hike the otherworldly, isolated terrain.

3) Follow in the footsteps of Grizzly Bears.Few animals are more iconic and symbolic in Canada than the powerful, shaggy furred Grizzly. Join Tom Rivest, a tour guide, and grizzly bear specialist, with over 20 years of experience studying these fascinating creatures, as you observe the bears in their natural habitat, ambling sleepily from the hillsides to graze on the verdant grasses below.

4) Saddle up your horse in Alberta.For those with children in tow, few adventures can be more family friendly than climbing on the back of a horse and following the trail, cowboy style, as it gently winds through the dark pine forests and past lazily winding rivers. An evening spent in a local ranch completes the experience to perfection.

5) Travel the Colombia Icefields Parkway.If you like your scenery to be about as dramatic as it gets, look no further. The Colombia Icefields Parkway is infamous for being one of the most visually remarkable roads in the world, and few experiences come more breath-taking than travelling through snow-steeped mountain passes, on ancient glaciers and past some of the most vivid aquamarine lakes imaginable.

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