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Are you on a constant search for the perfect adrenaline rush? Always searching for the next epic thrill? The answer is simple; there is no better way to get your adrenaline fix than spending a day at a theme park. What is it that makes people so addicted to theme parks? And furthermore where should you head for the best experience? Check out Universal Studios for thrills with a cinematic finesse! Universal Studios tickets are a hot purchase every summer. With over 5.9 million visitors every year, it is the 8th most visited theme park in the United States. These guys are the brains behind such classics as Back to the Future, E.T. and Jaws so when they built a theme park it’s definitely something to take notice of! Read on to find out our 2 favourite Universal rides that will definitely give you a rush!

Situated in Orlando, Florida, this theme park houses some of the craziest, most fun rides of all time. Those 4 feet and above can proudly stand in the queue for the Revenge of the Mummy, one of the Universal Studios’ most popular attractions. Guests begin the ride by entering the massive Museum of Antiquities facade, browsing through the film setup of a film titled "Revenge of the Mummy". The film's props and concept drawings are on display inside. The inside queue morphs into a 1940s archaeological dig inside an Egyptian tomb, where guests climb to the second floor to board mine cars utilizing individual lap bars. You are then ushered into Imhotep’s tomb where cast and crew members warn you the mummy’s curse is real. This dark ride is the greatest combination of speed, surprises and effects Universal has to offer.

Next on the list, we have Twister. You have probably guessed that it is based on the 1996 film “Twister”. This truly twisted ride starts even before you are on the ride itself. First off, a short film with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton is shown. Then you are taken to a queuing area which has been decked out to look like a town that was hit by a tornado just a few moments before you arrived. Once you hear the sound of warning sirens that is when the real fun starts. The wind begins to pick up, the rain starts pouring and suddenly you are completely taken away by a Twister!

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