Top tips for planning a summer wedding

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There are many advantages to deciding to get married during the summer. You are able to enjoy the favourable weather conditions and plenty of sun; however it is important to note that summer weddings can come with a variety of different problems. If you intend to get married in either June or July, you should take extra care during the planning process as it may take longer to put together more so than a standard wedding.

People that come from countries that are extremely hot during the summer would not even consider doing a wedding during the summer, however in cooler climes, the summer which brings warm sunshine is more suitable for weddings. Apparently, choosing to get married in the presence of clear skies, flowers and the sunshine becomes more romantic.
For summer wedding planning, one must be prepared in case the weather becomes extreme by having fans and air conditioners in and around the venue.

Having the ideal setting and the right decor is the best thing about summer weddings. Summer weddings can provide you with a number of opportunities when it comes to choosing a suitable location and décor. If you decide to have a wedding outside, you are able to select a suitable location that plays host to big green lands where you can decorate it with exquisite flowers. When choosing a venue, you will need to ensure that there is a backup in the form of an indoor location available if the weather fails to hold.

When it comes to choosing the wedding dress, the bride should wear white. For bridesmaids you can dress them in bright colours. When it comes to choosing the fabric for the dress, make sure that you choose something that is light and cool which will make you feel comfortable.

It is also important to take into account the fact that the summer is when most people decide to go on holiday. Try to make sure your invitations go out well in advance as well as booking the venue really early to avoid disappointment. In the summer, the decoration of the wedding venue should be casual and the food served must be light.

Food is one of the fundamental parts of any wedding. Ensure that you choose a menu that suits you and is something that the other guests will want to eat.

The most important cog in the wheel of a wedding is the planning process. You have to make sure that everything is planned in advance so nothing goes wrong on the day of the wedding. Make sure the venue is booked up early to ensure that you have enough time to send out the invitations. Pay a visit to the wedding venue at least once to ensure that it is able to meet your wedding requirements.
Make sure you are involved in as much of the planning process as possible as it is your wedding.

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