Where do you prefer to go?

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Travelers have different stories to tell much that they have different reasons why they travel. Most travelers embark on a trip for pleasure while some go for that thrill of an unknown adventure. Some people travel to remember while others try to forget. I have my own reasons why I go on a trip too. What’s your story? While many travelers enjoy luxurious trips going to the most expensive cities in the world, there are many travelers who prefer the spontaneity of experiences in unfamiliar places. Like myself, there are also many who prefer the “not- so- expensive” travel packages but still packed with fun and indelible memories.

Where do you prefer to go? If you are for an exotic adventure, an Asian trip would be just right for you. But then again you still have to ask, which part of Asia is the best place to visit? That depends on what you have in mind. Beaches? Asia has Phuket in Thailand, Palawan in the Philippines, Bali in Indonesia. Temples? They are main attractions everywhere in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar even in Cambodia, China and Japan. If you are for surfing, then you are bound to Siargao Islands in the Philippines priding itself with perfect surfing waves.

But for the fortunate ones whose budget isn't a problem they prefer to fly to Paris, Italy or New York. It’s easy to imagine what to do in these grand cities. Ahh, the food, the sights, the sounds, the beat…they must be so different! For people who are looking for best spot for betting on sports, I have only one destination in mind – Las Vegas. And I’m imagining how it is to be in there. I reckon it to be another dimension of fun.

Somehow I am not losing any of my hopes that I’ll be there one day…soon. Then I’ll have my own story.

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