4 Things to Consider When Hiring an Exclusive Limo in Singapore

With the rapidly expanding Singapore car rental market, it is not difficult to get exclusive limo to hire for all your travel needs. Some of the situations that might require you to hire an exclusive limo include when you are travelling for pleasure, business travel, attending special occasions or when your own car is in the garage and you require another one to travel around with. Renting an exclusive limo in Singapore can be a bit expensive and, therefore you need to do prior planning.  It is also good to look for the most effective Car rental in Singapore company in order to get the best offer. Below are some tips that can help you save a lot when hiring a car.
1. Look at the mileage offered by the company
There are many companies that offer unlimited miles while other give a specific number of free miles and then charge you for the extra miles beyond what you had agreed in the car rental contract. When hiring a car it is advisable to inquire on the mileage the company would give you to prevent being charged high for the miles you travel than you expect. It is always advisable to hire an exclusive limo in a company that gives you unlimited mileage. Shop around or search on the internet because there are many companies that will give such offer in the modern Singapore car rental market.

2. Ensure you get covered by insurance
It is worth noting that many care rental companies in Singapore charge a lot for the coverage they provide to you. By being covered you will save a lot. Before hiring a car it is good to check with your car insurance provider to look whether they have an extra driver you can purchase on your regular car insurance or check with the provider of your credit card to find out whether they offer such insurance cover. Look at all details carefully before renting a car from, any given company.

3. Inquire for all extra expenses you will have to incur from the company
Many care rental companies use the aspect of low cost as the main factor to attract clients to hire their cars. However, many do not tell the extra charges involved in the car rental. Almost all of them have extra charges for dropping the car at a different location as signed in the agreement, using another driver and other fees. The most advisable thing is to ensure the company comes out clear concerning all such extra expenses before entering into an agreement to hire car. Go through the contract in details to understand everything included in it to avoid getting disappointed at the end after you realize you have been charged extra money because you failed to understand the contract when signing it. Understand the policy of the company regarding lateness or returning the car without filling the tank.

4. Carry out thorough search or shopping for the best car rental offer in the market.
There is high competition in car rental industry in Singapore because of the high number of the companies offering the car hire services. They try to outdoor each other by offering low rates. Try to visit as many as you can in order to get the company with the best offer. If you are searching on the internet carry out a thorough search and try contacting them to have ample knowledge before deciding on the one that offers the car at the most affordable cost.

By following the above tips you stand a high chance to hire an exclusive limo at a very low price than you even expect. You also need to take great care to avoid having a bad experience by being charged extra fees that you had planned in your budget allocations.

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Image credit to groupon.sg