8 Tips for Your Disney Adventure

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Yay, so you are going to the "Happiest Place On Earth" the place were "All Your Dreams Come True", Disney of course! Your kids are so excited and can't stop talking about the rides, parades, souvenirs,etc... and all you can think about is the cost, money, and the expense. Here are few tips that I have picked up by living and learning the hard way (paying too much, waiting in line too much and walking too much).
1. Autograph Books: Most major retail stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS around Orlando will have Disney autographs books around the $4 range. If you wait until you are in the doors of the Magic Kingdom you will be paying upwards of $11. It is well worth it to your budget to make a stop before hand. Especially if each child and adult (ahem) needs their own book.

2. Bring Your Own Pen: When you are grabbing your autograph books, grab a sparkly, glittery, feather pen or just a Sharpy will work too. You will be glad you did. Like most things at Disney the pens are marked (no pun intended) up in price as well.

3. Snacks: A way to cut way back on spending money, is to pack your owns snacks. You can bring any snack container, except for glassware. They will check your bags, but it is perfectly fine to bring your food.

4. Fast Pass: If you are staying at a Disney Resort, get the Fast Pass! It is free and you can save so much time by not having to wait in the long lines. Time is money you know. This will give you more time to explore the park and ride all the rides that you want to.

5. Entertain Me: It is always a good idea to bring some lightweight little things to entertain the kids while you wait in lines or for food. Little games, small books, or gaming apps on your phone are ways to keep kids occupied and not whining.

6. Epcot: For finding your favorite characters without the wait, try Epcot. It is a goldmine and it mostly attracts adults, so the lines are short. Also, if you are trying to get all the Disney Princess' autographs you will have to visit Epcot to get Mulan, she stays close to her home (China).

7. 12% Tax: Yep, that is right... There is a 12% tax on food, souvenirs and events. So be mindful of your budget when you are picking out your favorite Mickey Ears.

8. Stroller: Bring your own stroller. If you get a stroller at Disney there is a refundable deposit of $100 and the cost of a single stroller is $15/ day and double stroller is $31/day. If you rent for multiple days the do offer a slight discount. It is still more affordable to bring your own. But you definitely want to have a stroller if you have young kids, since you walk an average of 5-6 miles a day around the park.

So keep these tips in mind when you are planning your trip to Disney World. You will be able to put your cares aside and act like a kid again as your spinning and spinning and spinning in those humongous Tea Cups!

Author Bio:  Larah Shelton is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leader in Houston home security. She loves to spend time with her husband and 2 kids, making memories and visiting friends.

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