Italy’s Most Iconic Hotspots Explored

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Italy is a spectacular country, and it’s clear to see why it continues to benefit from increasing tourism numbers. Not only is there the fantastic climate, and the vast coastlines with fantastic beaches, but the food is simply sublime too. Combined with the superb hospitality of the Italian people, Italy really is the holiday destination of the summer. Let’s take a look at some of the country’s most iconic hotspots.

The Colosseum

Probably one of Rome’s most famous landmarks, the Colosseum was a salute to the merciless and raw power of the Roman people, and its ruins still hold strong to this very day. Attracting millions of visitors every year, it’s not just the sheer size of the Colosseum that induces such awe, but it’s also the history it resonates. Right at this very place, gladiators used to battle for their lives in front of thousands of people, with prisoners and slaves entering into fierce fights with wild beasts, with only their hands and a blade to protect themselves.

Still, over 2,000 years on, the Colosseum remains the heart of the city, and Rome wouldn't be Rome without the huge shadow of the clay and brick walls falling on the nearby shops and buildings. Although it was the most famous attraction in Italy at the time, it certainly wasn’t the biggest, with the Circo Massimo able to hold some 200,000 people!
The Roman Empire fell towards the end of the 6th century, and the Colosseum was subsequently abandoned, however it still remained a fortress for the Annibaldi and Frangipani warrior families in the years to come.

The Pantheon

Standing as one of Rome’s most iconic and oldest sights, the Pantheon is a 2,000 year old temple-turned-church, and the city’s most preserved monument. Not only is the Pantheon hugely influential in the Western world, but it offers an experience like no other when passing through it. As the huge bronze doors tower over the entrance, your eyes are uncontrollably forced to look up and marvel at the world’s largest concrete dome.

Built in around 120 AD, the Pantheon is a magnificent structure, and even modern architects continue to applaud the vast creative talent of the age. Many consider it the most important Roman architectural achievement, and until the 15th century it held the title as the world’s largest dome. Although the exterior is still imposing, there are parts that continue to chip away in the blistering Rome heat, however most of the interior remains intact. Rent a car with Auto Europe, and travel the amazing structures of Rome in style.

Trevi Fountain

Another one of Rome’s highlights, the Trevi Fountain is the city’s most famous water feature, mainly due to the film La Dolce Vita. Designed and built in 1732, the architecture on the fountain is outstanding, and details pictures portray the various moods of the sea. Referring to the three roads at converge at the water feature, Trevi is a name that places Rome on the monument map, and if you’re thinking about visiting the fountain, it’s best to go in the evening when the traffic isn't so heavy.

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