Bali Island and Its Magnificent Wonders and Attractions

A real traveler of the world will consider his list of world-class getaways incomplete unless he has stepped foot and enjoyed the island of Bali. Whether you are a shoestring budgeted backpacker or an expensive tourist with travel money that’s sky’s the limit, you certainly must have the Bali Island on top of your most desirable destinations.

What is it about Bali that makes it a must-see for most travelers? Is it the mystique and calmness that pervade in the air during a warm Bali summer day? Or it is the rogue and merry atmosphere that you can relish from evening beach parties; with locals and tourists swaying to a mix or modern and Balinese moves?

Island of the God

For tourists, Bali is considered to be the perfect choice for a nature getaway. Known as the Isle of the gods and Heaven Island, it is nestled amidst the world’s tropical region, which is why you can take advantage of its great variety of plants and creatures. The island is filled with mountains and mounds, different bodies of water, beautiful white sand beaches, and the most tranquil and mesmerizing seawater that surrounds it.

Fascinating Bali nature tripping and adventures

Complementing the natural vibe of the isle are great adventures that tourists can enjoy as they stay on this Pacific Paradise. If you want the stamina to do hours of walking, you can actually trek the whole circumference of the islands. This gives you the chance to explore the many wondrous, colorful floras; considered to be one of the best in this side of the world.

Various exotic animals such as elephants, snakes, and large cat varieties can also be encountered. Local tourist guides are available. Here you can immediately experience the warm hospitality and friendliness of the Balinese who is just too eager to show you the beauty that his island has to offer.

Fun activities to be enjoyed in the island

If you desire to enjoy more than just trekking and hiking around the island or promenading its white sand beaches, you can take advantage of many adventurous activities through numerous Bali tour services. Whatever activity it might be – cycling, paragliding, safari ride, and a bevy of water-based activities such as diving and white water rafting, the Island has a perfect one for you. Most activities come with a professional guide or trainer assuring that you will enjoy your adventurous activity to the fullest.

Bali deep sea diving, for instance, is a truly unique experience that you will never forget. It is a water-based adventure that’s looked for by visitors of the island. Bali has the bluest sea water to enjoy. Tranquility is sure to be experienced when deep sea diving since there is hardly any wave at the sea.

Under the water are the most colorful and vibrant coral beds and various fish species – making you easy to decide that Bali boasts of the most exciting marine life on Earth. If you love to try deep sea diving but haven’t done it yet, the island has a diving center that offers basic diving training, complete with a certificate for anyone who finishes it successfully.

Top Bali Attractions

Besakih Temple

If you are in Bali, you must visit Besakih, acknowledged to be the largest Balinese temple. It is a gargantuan temple made up of smaller ones, each of which has a unique meaning and purpose to the locals. And while you are on your way to the temple, you will chance upon other important sites such as Bukit Jambul and Kerta Gosa.


If you will travel to Indonesia, you mustn’t miss going to Ubud, Bali. This is one place in the island that has some of the most unique cultural feature and interests. Ubud is famous for its traditional village that’s alive with Balinese activities endemic to the place.


Kintamani is where you can enjoy a magnificent view of one of the island’s most popular lake and volcano. The volcano, which is classified as an active type, attracts hundreds of local and international tourists everyday for its majestic beauty. Others are just thrilled with the possibility of it erupting at any given time. Other sites of interest going and within Kintamani are the Elephant Cave and Tampak Siring Temple. You can also enjoy beautiful Bali handicraft that you can have as worthy souvenir.

Needless to say, with so many beautiful islands in Southeast Asia, there is one that truly stands out – and this is Indonesia’s Bali Island. With its fascinating natural topographical features and breathtaking landscapes, not to mention its top notch recreational facilities; it is no wonder that Bali has remained and will remain to be one of the most visited island getaways of the world.

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