Daredevil Trips Around the World

Most of us are happy with a couple of weeks in the Mediterranean for our holidays, with nothing more strenuous than a wander around the local market or a trip to a beauty spot. However, true adrenaline junkies seek out a much more adventurous break from their daily routine. More cautious souls may be put off by the risks, but having a personal risk management system with Aon will help. There are some truly exciting and thrilling trips out there that braver people may enjoy.

Windsuit Flying in Switzerland
Nothing quite matches the thrill of flying through the air, and although hang gliding and parachuting comes close, the nearest thing to experiencing the life of a bird is windsuit flying in the Alps. The thermal currents around the Eiger mountain in the Swiss Alps make the perfect flying conditions, and Swiss thrill seekers have developed a special windsuit which is designed to gently bring jumpers down from the top of the mountain to the valley floor below. This is not without risks and you will need to secure specialist insurance cover before you travel, and don’t be surprised if brokers advise you on personal risk management strategies and to avoid the jump completely. You will also need a firm grasp of the principles of similar sports such as gliding, and you will be asked to sign lengthy disclaimers should something go wrong.

Surfing in Tasmania
Some of the best, biggest waves in the world are found in Tasmania, and it’s not unusual for them to reach 20 feet in height. Novice surfers will be quickly out of their depth, but for people who have already mastered the basics and have experience in surfing in the UK or in other locations, the thrill of successfully riding a monster wave cannot be underestimated. Tasmania’s best surfing beaches are not easily accessible, but it is definitely worth the effort if you are looking for the ultimate in surfing. Some of the best surfers in the world have tested their skills against Tasmania’s monster waves, so follow in their footsteps.

Swimming with Great White Sharks
Most people who go to South Africa on holiday try to actively avoid getting in the water with these enormous predators, but swimming in a cage with sharks is one of the ultimate wildlife thrills. Although cage swimming feels dangerous, it is relatively safe as long as you use a reputable company who have a long history of organising successful dives. You will need basic scuba diving experience to use the breathing apparatus, but all kit you need will be supplied by the dive operator. Shark diving is quickly gaining in popularity, so do your research before getting on the plane and book in advance to avoid disappointment.

White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon
The spectacular, narrow walls of the Grand Canyon are superb for white water rafting, and every year thousands of enthusiasts hurtle through the waves. Expect to get very wet on these sorts of trips, and being able to swim confidently is essential as the turbulent water often flips the boats over completely. A good level of physical fitness is also preferable as it takes a lot of strength to paddle against the strong currents. Book yourself onto one of the organized boat trips through the canyon, which vary in length from just a few hours to travel a couple of miles to three week long trips through the length of the river. Safety standards are high and the possibility of injury is low as long as you follow instructions and are sensible with your personal risk management policy to ensure adequate cover.

Image credit to http://addictedtoadrenaline.com