The Truth could be out There!! UFO Spotting Around the World

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Have you always wondered if someone or something else is out there, watching over us? It's hard to accept that humans are the only form of intelligent life in an infinite universe. There have been too many sightings and unexplained events to think otherwise. If you are open to the idea of visitors from outer space and hope to get a glimpse of a concrete sign, you could become a UFO spotter. The UK may have closed the case but the key is to know where to look and what you are looking for when you lift your eyes to the sky.

Think Area 51

Roswell, New Mexico found its place on the map in 1947 when there were reports of an alien crash site. While reports vary and there has never been anything concrete to proof such an event occurred, many locals believe something took place all those years ago. Think about booking a room somewhere in the area, get out your quality digital camera, and find a good place to search the skies at night. Keep an eye out for any unusual flying objects or bright lights that behave in a strange manner. Visitors from another world could be among us!

How about Vegas?
Las Vegas, Nevada, is only a few hours away from Area 51 and has definitely been a hot spot for sightings. In addition to being in the center of all of the action when it comes to night life, Vegas is situated along Highway 95. This stretch of road leads to the military base and there have been many sightings in the locale. It makes one wonder if the location of the base is a coincidence or there is activity going on that the government does not want us to know about. Find a room that is a bit out of the way, break out the binoculars, and enjoy the view. Who knows what you might see!

Head South of the Border

Mexico City is another top pick for potential UFO sightings. Back on 2005, thousands of people in the city looked up to the heavens above to share a mesmerizing experience. They saw a host of glowing circles over their heads, as many as 100, flying in a pattern. There was no natural explanation and too many people saw it to suggest it was someone's imagination. Plan a vacation and see if you are lucky to see something unusual.

Why not try the Land Down Under?

Australia has a couple of cities that lay claim to UFO sightings. Sydney had an interesting sighting from a famous source, the actor Russell Crowe. He actually posted a picture on social media of an unidentified flying object that was captured in Australia's popular city. Move out of the populated areas to the remote city of Darwin in the north for unique visions in the sky and Wycliffe Well in the south for tales of abduction. If you aren't interested in taking any space voyages with little green men, you might want to steer clear of points south. Go for more populated areas if you simply want a sighting, but not a visitation.

Think Moscow!
Believe it or not, Russia has been home to some exciting UFO sightings, including one over the Cremlin four years ago. Head to mountainous regions to hear about more. You never know what you might be in for when you come visiting.

Regardless of where you go, UFO sightings are happening. Keep your mind and heart open. Expand your horizons and think about taking a walk on the wild side, for more ‘unusual’ sights check out this travel spotting guide, ‘The Truth is out There’ to UFO’s!

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