Things to keep in mind when travelling with pets

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The cute animals’ masters often have this problem of not knowing what to do with the little thing when they plan to travel. Many times it’s impossible to find a suitable person to care for our furry friends. Therefore many times they are left with two options, either cancel the trip or putting the animal at day care which usually meant that the trip had to be shortened. However thanks to the Pet Travel Scheme surfacing,now it is much easier than before to travel with the little thing. Let’s see what else is necessary for you to know.

The Details

To be in accordance with the Pet Travel Scheme typical requirements, it is necessary to ensure you have signed verification from a professional vet that your pet has had all the important vaccinations and other health related issues. At the same time the master will be required to possess an EU Pet Passport. You can find out exactly what's required here, therefore don’t worry. It is mostly simple and fast and it means your little friend will get the chance to get back home without having to endure six weeks of unwanted quarantine.

In addition, make sure to look at your pet insurance and find out about its coverage; There are too many policies that do not allow abroad coverage and you may be asked to pay extra to undertake a different policy with coverage related to traveling abroad,such as this one from Pets at Home. In case of not having the necessary insurance you could end up paying a lot of money to the vet and could potentially also cost you extra stay while waiting for your little friend to get treated.

Getting the little one ready

It’s very often that the little animals are not fond of travelling in automobiles, and surely not for great distances. They may get anxious or worried having to stay in that closed space for a lot of time, so it's crucial to prepare well. For example, it might be necessary to own a sturdy and safe pet carrier, which will serve as a spot for little friend with its favorite cloth and a small plate while always having plenty of room for it to move a bit and spin.We can’t stress enough how important it is have the pet used to mentioned carrier, so it may prove fruitful to practice before the actual trip by taking it on short rides around the neighborhood with the car. When the day finally arrives, the animal will be better prepared and more familiar with the carrier.

Finally, ensure that your little friend has available baby toys to keep its mind occupied. During the long journey and of course a lot of water as pets often very hot in automobiles!

With the correct arrangements, however, everything should work out fine and your little friend will be able to enjoy a holiday out of its safety zone borders with you.

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