4 Compelling Reasons San Francisco is Your Next Vacation Destination

Are you contemplating where to head on your next vacation? Well, look no farther! San Francisco is the perfect getaway destination, with countless things to do, places to relax, and one-of-a-kind attractions to visit. Not sure about San Francisco? Check out these four reasons that you should visit this city.

1. You'll Find One-of-a-Kind Attractions

Image via Flickr by ground.zero
San Francisco is home to numerous attractions that you won't find anywhere else. Start at the Coit Tower and marvel at the spectacular view of the city or enjoy the paintings inside, which craftsmen completed in 1933. Take a walk along the 1.7 miles of the Golden Gate Bridge for a truly remarkable attraction that has become the icon of the city. Before you're done exploring the city, take a ride along one of the cable cars for an opportunity you'll rarely run across again. If you enjoy the cable cars, head over to the Cable Car Museum for a free family fun activity.

2. There's Plenty of Family Fun

Along with the Cable Car Museum comes numerous other attractions that the entire family can enjoy. Head to the Fisherman's Wharf, which is one of the city's most popular attractions. Here, you'll find waterfront fun, seafood restaurants, live entertainment, and incredible views of the bay.

Entertain the family all day at the California Academy of Sciences, featuring an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum. If your family enjoys that attraction, check out the Exploratorium for hands-on science exhibits. After an exciting day with the family, relax at the Intercontinental San Francisco hotel, where you'll find an indoor pool, health club, day spa, and outdoor terrace so the entire family can unwind.

3. San Francisco is Stunning

Image via Flickr by grant_loy
Whether you're checking out the views from the Coit Tower or you're looking out upon the bay from the Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco is a stunning vacation destination. While there, check out these other exquisite locations:
  • Golden Gate Park - Featuring gardens, lakes and more, this 1,017-acre park has fabulous views. Head to the top of Strawberry Hill to look out upon the city and relax near the waterfall.
  • Lands End Trail - Take a walk along this trail to get a great view of the bridge.
  • Sunset Reservoir - Look out upon the city and enjoy the sunset from this location.

4. You'll Enjoy the Comfortable Weather

San Francisco residents have it easy; the weather remains constant and comfortable all year round, maintaining a warm climate all year. Whether you're trying to get out of the heat in the summer or the chill in the winter, San Francisco offers comfortable temperatures year-round. The city rarely sees rain in the summer and only gets a few inches of precipitation in the winter, averaging less than 5 inches in the wettest month. No matter when you go, you can expect pleasant weather.

Whether you're headed to San Francisco for a couple's retreat, a family vacation, or just to get away, the countless attractions and incredible views make this city an amazing destination that you won't want to miss.