A Night Out in London

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London is a boosting cultural and party capital of Europe. Planning a Friday night out may be puzzling and challenging to a newcomer. In case you have no idea what to do or left planning to the last minute, your weekend should start from here…

London’s nightlife and entertainment sphere is incredibly diverse. Chick bars and urban cocktail lounges, traditional Chinese restaurants and museums, tourist attractions and theatre performances can surprise you with options. If you don’t have much time in London, you need to choose wisely the places you wish to visit. First of all you need to decide what areas you wish to visit and then pick the venues.

Spitalfields Music Festival 2013
This music festival starts on June 19 and will take place in various venues across East London. People who enjoy listening to different kinds of music will have a chance to enjoy opera, folk, pop and jazz music. More than 40 various events will take place across different parts of town. Make sure you check the festival’s schedule before you go to one of the concerts. Rest assured you will have a lot of fun. London’s music festivals are notorious for their incredible atmosphere.

Enjoy the cabaret scene
London’s cabaret life can offer you a lot of options from mainstream productions to the underground smaller venues. Majority of the shows have a short term span, that’s why you need to check the most recent shows, highlights and performances before booking your tickets. Check what’s new at the Soho Theatre Downstairs, Café de Paris, a new experimental work at Bistrotheque and Cellar Door.

Discover the best theatre performances
You can enjoy both the official and alternative theatre scene in London. Established productions and new talented works help in establishing a great variety of drama venues in London. Make sure you purchase tickets for the War Horse production in the West End by the National Theatre and National Angels. This play highlights atrocities of war, survival and emotions. Albert and his beloved horse Joey were sent to France during WWI where they got separated. Albert couldn’t forget his beloved horse and decides to find him and bring him home no matter what.

War Horse has been the best selling play for five years around the world. 

Bar hopping
London has one of the best bars in the world. Enjoy the vibrant and busy bar life in various parts of this culturally rich city. From the crazy and urban bars in Chinatown to the posh and chick clubs in Chelsea and Kensington you won’t be disappointed. You can start your night at the Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown and then slowly move to the 69 Colebrooke Row by the Islington Green. Don’t forget to have a beer in a classic British pub with some fish and chips.

The restaurant scene of London has a lot to offer too. London’s best restaurants are eclectic and progressive. From Arabic cuisine to Southeast Asian fusion styles, you may enjoy any kind of food you like. The variety of choices may surprise you.

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