All Inclusive Deals: A Way to Travel on a Budget

An increasing number of travellers are discovering the delights of an all inclusive holiday. Frequently offered by upscale resorts, an all inclusive sounds like what it is. In a lump sum, the holidayers pay for accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment. The result is a worry free holiday. Plus, because the bulk of the holiday expenses are paid in advance, all of the fun at the resort feels like it's free. It's really liberating to not have to whip at a credit card every time a drink is ordered, and this type of holiday is ideal for budget conscious travellers.

Budget Awareness

A stay at an all inclusive resort won't leave people with a financial hangover because of unexpected expenses. No one has to worry that they'll exceed their food budget because the food is already paid for. In many instances, activities like snorkelling and exercise classes are included in the price. Essentially, these holidays cost less because the total cost is known up front. Other spending on shopping at the local stores or participating in offsite activities are at the guest's discretion.

Take the Hassle Out of Tipping

Anyone who hates calculating the tip at the end of meals will love an all inclusive holiday where the tipping has already been taken care of. Though some resorts welcome guests to leave tips for excellent service, the practice is strictly voluntary. Alternatively, some holiday spots include a daily tip in the upfront cost of the stay. Either way, the guest doesn't have to worry about budgeting extra money for tipping.

Staying in One Spot Saves Money

Although it can be fun to stay in multiple hotels over the course of a holiday, it can also be quite expensive. Each resort will charge its own fees, and there's also the question of the cost of transportation. With an all inclusive resort, almost everything necessary to craft a great holiday is available in one place. That means little or no need for taxis, rental cars and other forms of transportation, and that translates to holiday savings.

Want to Get Away?

All inclusive resort operators know that some travellers will be anxious to get off property occasionally to explore the local area. They make it easy by contracting with local tour guides to get discounted prices for their guests. Many of these excursions can be arranged in advance, but last minute plans are welcome as well.

Fun for the Kids

All inclusive resorts haven't forgotten about the kids. From babies to teens, these resorts have specific clubs for kids of all ages, and membership doesn't cost a penny extra. With an all inclusive holiday, it's no longer necessary to go to expensive theme parks to keep the kids entertained. Programs for kids and teens may include sports, video games, crafts, movies and countless other activities. These resorts are guaranteed fun for kids without breaking the bank.

A Romantic Getaway

Some resorts excel at providing an adults only atmosphere. These elegant getaways guarantee peace and quiet for days on end at an affordable rate. With so many discount all inclusive holidays on offer now, an all inclusive trip might just be the holiday of your life. They are ideal for travellers on a budget who don't want to constantly worry about how much their getaway is costing - exactly what most cash-strapped average joes are looking for this summer.