Holidays and Your Rights: When Can You Make a Claim

Going on holiday is meant to be a time for getting away from the stress and strains of everyday life and just kicking back and relaxing without a care in the world. Thankfully, in the vast majority of cases, this is exactly what happens, but for some unlucky people, things can go awry.

When something does go wrong on your holiday, you can sometimes make a claim for compensation, to make up for it. Here are some common scenarios regarding holidays, your rights and when you can make a claim.


If your flight originates in the EU or is operated by a carrier based in the EU, you have certain rights regarding delays. In the event of a delay over a certain length of time, the airline must provide you with refreshments and access to free phone calls or emails. You can also claim a statutory set amount in financial compensation, set on rates which revolve around the actual distance that you should be flying.

It is easy to find out the exact details online and then to make a claim if you have been affected.

Accidents and Injuries

If you suffer an accident while on holiday that results in any kind of injury or illness, or if you are harmed by the actions of another party in any number of ways, you may be able to lodge a claim for compensation in the same way that you would at home.

Whether the effects you suffer are short term or have a longer-lasting impact on your health or the ability to go about your day to day activities, there can be the chance to seek justice via a compensation claim if the incident was not your fault.


If you have holiday or travel insurance in place, the first thing you should do is to check if the situation was covered by your policy. If so, it is important to inform the insurer of all the details as soon as possible, providing any out of pocket receipts for expenses wherever possible.

In many cases it is quite straightforward to make a claim through your insurance provider however, there are other cases where this might not be possible.


Depending on the exact circumstances of your own particular situation, there are many different scenarios that could lead to a successful claim for compensation arising from something that happens while you are on holiday.

If you think that you might have a suitable case, you should contact a reputable claims firm such as injury lawyers for you at the earliest opportunity and explain all the relevant details.

A professional advisor will then assess the situation and let you know if you have the basis for a successful claim.


  1. Be careful on your travels, even if you have insurance etc... stay safe!!